ChildReQ is programmed to help you manage your Early Learning and Childcare Quality Development process and efficiently monitor the Administrative, Academic, and Communications within the system. While also learning games and specialized support.

Platform Features

Easy and friendly

Easy, friendly to use, and intuitive like most popular apps.

English and French

Offered in Canada's most preferred languages

Testing scales

Different quality testing scales can be used to evaluate Early Learning and Child Care).

Management module.

Efficient for administrative, academic, and communications modules to support facilities growing processes.

Optional Services

Flexibility in module selection, and features to include extra features like learning games and socio-emotional questionnaires with professional support.

Competitive price.

Competitive market priceing.

Canadian Product.

It's Canadian products

Modules of the Platform

Improving Quality Level in Early Learning and Child Cares Platform

Module 1.


Module 2.

Administrative, Academic, and

Module 3.

Optional for families

Our Modules

Now is the moment of high quality in caring and
early learning of children!

Module 1

Module 1: Methodology to develop High- Quality in Early Learning and Child Care (ELCC).

  • Selection of Quality Evaluation Scale and Running Self-Evaluation.
  • Development of an Action Plan with support and training for the staffs and caregivers team.
  • Execution of the Action Plan and Continuous Evaluation Process.
  • Optional: Accreditation in ISO 21001:2018 Support.*
  • *(By Extra payment)

Module 2

Module of Administrative, Academic, and Communicative Management

  • Administrative and Financial Management: Enrollment process and documentation, Payments, Banks, Statements, Human Resourses Management, Contributions to social security, and Subsidies, Expenses, Maintenance, Insurance, Taxes, Transport Management.
  • Academic Information of Children, Curriculum, Courses, Subjects, Marks, Averages, Credits, Teachers, Learning Virtual Objects, and any Behavioral event and decision that affect Children or the Community.
  • Communication with families. Pictures and videos are shared with them, Academic Results, Marks, Tasks, Evaluations, Averages, Credits, Newsletters, Audio and Video productions, and private and community events.

Module 3

Optional modules for families, including Learning Games and Social-Emotional Evaluation and Support.

  • Optional Learning Games App in Maths Skills, and Writing Reading Challenges and skilled development.*
  • Optional Social-Emotional evaluation Questionnaires with Professional Assessment and Skills Development.*
  • *(By Extra payment)

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